Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exciting Times

So I did it. I submitted my application packet for MCP of AIESEC US. A bold step, but I feel this is the best time for me to be able to contribute to AIESEC US. There are three of us running for MCP, and I can definitely say there is some really good competition there and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the applications and reading/watching the platforms. I think I am just most excited for this whole process I am about to go through. The mere fact that the LCs are going to be voting for the MCP excites me so much! No more ass-kissing those "in power" in order to try and climb up the leadership ladder, but the actual decision being made the LCs saying "we have confidence in this person to lead us & represent us". Ah! I'm so excited!

I'm looking very forward to WC as well - to see all my friends & meet new members. It should be a great conference. Right now I'm trying to locate a dishdasha and kuma so we can turn AIESEC US members into Omanis for Global Village. ;)

Oh and I'm going to be selling AIESEC Oman shirts at the conference!!

In other news, I put up a Christmas tree last night. Now it looks festive in here. I tried a white tree (first time ever) with white lights, blue & silver ornaments only. It looks rather nice, it surprised me.

Also, my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a 4 day visit to Oman to see me :) . I'm excited to see him, it will be the last time before the MENAXLDS conference in Egypt in March. Long distance kind of sucks.

I think it's going to be a good month. Inshallah.

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